About Us

About Our Company

Zainab Textile Corporation established its first set up of weaving about two decades ago and earned goodwill within the textile sector of Pakistan due to its good credibility services and perfect Quality provider. Today we are in a full-fledged textile business doing virtually everything in textiles from weaving to made-ups. Our aim is to create a single channel for satisfying the diverse and high-class needs of our valued customers. A huge weaving division is our backbone, where we are able to meet all types of textile orders from abroad. We have the latest technology machines where we can weave all kinds of woven fabrics.

CEO Message

In the purview of today’s business world, I believe in the responsive business strategy, highly competitive prices, developing strong business relations with clients, exploring new business horizons, and planning for the continuous progress of the Organization.

Our Vision

Our Aim Our aim is to give our customers a competitive advantage through superior and high-quality products and services at best prices. Also create a climate for voluntary compliance by providing guidance and building mutual trust.
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